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Changing the future, one baby at a time… Having a baby is supposed to be one of the happiest and most rewarding experiences of your life. The reality is often quite different. Expecting or caring for a baby can stir up powerful emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and even hostility. Experiencing these emotions, in addition to sleep deprivation, may leave you struggling to cope or finding it hard to respond to your infant’s needs. When such extreme emotions persist over time, you know that you are not just “having a bad day” – it is okay to ask for help.

Brighton PIP is a charity (Registered Charity Number 1177084) offering intensive support to expectant parents and those with newborn babies up until the age of three. Through individual therapy or group sessions, we help parents fulfil their child’s needs by understanding the world through their eyes and by tuning into the signals they send out. Our work strengthens the parent-infant relationship, helping to form a loving bond which is crucial for a child’s future well-being.

Support for Parents

Are you struggling to cope?

When your baby cries, he has no idea whether he is wet, tired or hungry. He just knows that something is wrong and wants you to soothe his feelings. A baby whose basic needs are met learns that the world is a safe place.


Support for Health Professionals

Making a referral

As a GP, Health Visitor or Midwife, you may have concerns over a highly anxious, depressed or withdrawn parent. Alternatively, problems may become apparent when a child’s expected milestone is not reached.


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Changing the future, one baby at a time

BrightPIP’s mission is to provide parent infant therapeutic help to all families who need this in a timely and accessible way


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