Providing support for parents

Support for parents

We realise that parenting is the hardest yet most important job. Not only do parents have to adjust to a major life change, they often feel under pressure to be the “perfect” mother or father. BrightPIP exists to support parents through this challenging time. We recognise that families come in different shapes and sizes, so whether you are a single parent, in a mixed or same-sex couple, or in a multi-generational household that cares for your baby, we want to support you.

Are you struggling to cope?

When your baby cries, he has no idea whether he is wet, tired or hungry. He just knows that something is wrong and wants you to soothe his feelings. A baby whose basic needs are met learns that the world is a safe place.

Every baby is unique and some are harder to settle than others. Some parents find themselves unable to read or meet their baby’s needs. For these parents, a crying baby may trigger extreme feelings. What most parents do not realise is that their response to such a situation is directly linked to their baby’s response and can create a vicious circle.

You and baby are certainly not alone in finding it hard to understand each other. The most important thing to remember is that you are not a bad parent.


Preparing for birth can be challenging, especially if you are a first time parent. Expectant mothers or fathers may feel particularly vulnerable if they suffered a previous miscarriage, complications during pregnancy, a previous birth trauma or have underlying mental health issues.

Many new parents feel ambivalent or anxious about the idea of becoming a mother or father, even if the conception was planned. You may be concerned about how you will cope with the birth itself and your new role. At BrightPIP, we can support you with a variety of techniques to promote a positive birth experience and to begin to form a loving relationship with your baby, even before she or he arrives.


The birth of a child is an intense experience.  While it is normal to feel a wide range of emotions, occasionally the transition to parenthood is just too overwhelming.  If you are a couple, it can be difficult to make space for a third person in your relationship; if you are single, it can be difficult to manage the transition alone.

The challenges can give rise to post natal depression, which can affect both mothers and fathers.  It is important to speak to your GP or Health Visitor if you think you have post natal depression.

The triggers for post natal difficulties are many and varied and may include the loss of your previous life, a traumatic birth experience or realisations about the way you were parented yourself.  Therapeutic support can break the cycle.  At BrightPIP, we can help you come to terms with your emotions and fears and show you how to develop a loving attachment with your baby.


Toddlerhood can be a testing time. Your child, learning his limits but unable to communicate clearly with words, expresses emotion through behaviour.  The resulting battle of wills can be distressing for all involved.

The situation may be exacerbated by earlier psychological issues that were never resolved.  It is not too late to address them.  If you can successfully manage the emotional world of your toddler, you can prevent further behavioural problems developing.  At BrightPIP, we can help you make sense of your toddler’s feelings.

At BrightPIP, we can help you take the first step, providing the space for you to explore your feelings and learn how to regulate your child’s emotions.  To refer yourself to our service contact your GP, or Health Visitor, or call 01273 291670.

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