What parents have to say about working with BrightPIP

“It has been helpful and interesting….. The self-evaluation is useful and the questions which are then asked are useful in being objective and rational about things”

Mum of 9 month old

“It’s been amazing, I trust (clinician) and feel she’s gotten to know me and understands what we need from the service”

Mum with four children

“I was struggling to manage life with an energetic and demanding toddler. I had become increasingly frustrated that all my efforts to improve our relationship seemed to fail. I felt quite hopeless and disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy being a mum.
Week by week things improved for us – it felt miraculous and was a huge relief. Life was transformed from an exhausting challenge to being thoroughly enjoyable and manageable. Along with a greater understanding of myself, I now have a selection of practical techniques that I know I will be able to use again in the future if I have any difficulties.”

Mum of 14 month old

“BrightPIP works, it’s been really helpful”

Dad of 6 month old

“BrightPIP has helped me understand what I can do as a father and what both my partner and baby need from me.

I now understand my partner and her needs in terms of mental health and this has helped me recognise what I can do to help. (BrightPIP Clinician) is so supportive and has gotten to know us as a family. BrightPIP is the service that recognises when we are overwhelmed and steps in to support us. I would recommend it to any family.”

Dad of 1 year old

“Everything I expected from the service, it provided. It has changed our lives and how we function as a family. It has made us a positive family unit and has prevented me from allowing my feelings about the past to affect me as a parent. I have been able to talk about things easily.”

Mum of 3 year and 8 month old

“Thank you … for your time. Your intervention opened up areas of conversation for us as a family and things are improving. We have now moved away to have more space for our family. [Our child] now settles himself to sleep without needing a bottle/breast!”

Mum of 1 year old

What referrers say about BrightPIP

“I have a client who has benefited greatly from the BrightPIP service. She was offered an appointment soon after referral and then also offered Baby Massage. My client is very grateful for the prompt action following referral to BrightPIP…All sessions have met her expectations (in fact exceeded expectations)”
“Feedback from families which has been overwhelmingly positive – you have made a significant (and I believe, enduring) difference to vulnerable families”
“Referring families to BrightPIP, sensitive and supportive discussions with referrers, supporting and developing HV practice”
“I think it has been a really valuable resource which should be available to all Health Visitor teams. I would be concerned about where to refer and or what support to offer certain families if BrightPIP is no longer available”
“CP conference reports refer directly to the positive impact on families of a BrightPIP intervention”
“The MCC (Moulsecoomb Children’s Centre) Team has had an extremely positive experience of working with BrightPIP during the Pilot period. We all hope very much that funding will enable our working relationship to continue”
“I feel that BrightPIP is a much needed service and that more women have complex issues than ever before and we need resources to support them”
“Excellent engagement skills – families have found BrightPIP accessible”
“Extremely helpful team”
“This is an extremely valuable service- supporting vulnerable families during difficult times. We are seeing services being cut across the board which limits what we are able to offer within the children’s services and whom we are able to refer to. It is wonderful that this service continues for our families and provides us with learning support through regular reflective sessions”
“It is a great service and one we really need in Brighton and Hove”

What health professionals have to say about BrightPIP Training

“Very good and enjoyable. You felt confident that you could discuss and be open about your feelings/opinions. (The facilitators) were very knowledgeable and had a relaxed way of facilitating.”

Hortense -Health Visitor

“Good training, good content, a well thought out programme.”

Victoria - Paediatric Nurse

“Essential stuff for all of the under 5’s team. (The facilitators) were knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and able to answer all questions! A very useful session – it increased my knowledge and confidence in this area. Many thanks”

Hung - Health Visitor

“All Health Visitors and Early Years Visitors should have the opportunity to attend this course.”

Jacqui - Health Visitor

“Clear and made it easy to contribute”

Rina - Early Years Visitor

“Passionate and inspiring.”

Jonathan - Health Visitor

“A good mixture of theory and practice. (The facilitators) were relaxed and approachable.”

Duncan - Health Visitor

“Very interesting and informative. Attachment is a very big area but this day covered some important issues. (The facilitator) was very knowledgeable and a good communicator.”

Johanna - Health Visitor

Changing the future, one baby at a time

BrightPIP’s mission is to provide parent infant therapeutic help to all families who need this in a timely and accessible way


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