What to expect

Sessions at BrightPIP

Individual therapy takes the form of regular sessions with a parent infant clinician. The sessions are for both mothers and fathers if both are involved in the baby’s care, and the baby is always present.

Sessions last up to 1 hour, although the first session is sometimes longer.  We will think about the feelings you each have, try to understand what your baby is communicating and explore ways of responding. Together we will review your progress at various intervals throughout the therapy.  It often takes time to build a trusting relationship and to talk freely about the powerful feelings that becoming a parent can create.

Your clinician may use Parent Infant Psychotherapy, Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) or Infant Massage.  These all focus specifically on understanding and strengthening the connection between you and your child.  They also may use techniques to support your own wellbeing such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement De-sensitization and Re-processing (EMDR).

In addition to our individual work we also offer ongoing groups.  These are pre-birth, 6 week groups called Mellow Bumps and/or Mellow Dads-to-be.   Post-birth we will soon be offering small infant massage groups that will run for 4 weeks.  Please ask your GP, Midwife or Health Visitor if you would like to be referred into any of our services. You and your child need and deserve to have a strong healthy bond.  

Confidentiality and Privacy

All the information you provide will be treated in utmost confidence.  We fully adhere to GDPR principles in the data we use for all aspects of our work.  This includes clinical work, group settings and our community campaigning.

As part of this commitment, it is important that you are aware that your clinician will need to communicate with other health professionals in order to provide joined up care and to make sure you are given the most appropriate treatment.


BrightPIP is a Charity that campaigns for all parents and babies to have free, accessible effective therapeutic help when they need it. Currently, all our services are free at the point of use.  


Changing the future, one baby at a time

BrightPIP’s mission is to provide parent infant therapeutic help to all families who need this in a timely and accessible way


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